Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another awesome find...
On page 453 of June 25, 1919 issue of Boxing (a.k.a. Boxing News), there's an ad for how one could be a boxer without "ever having [to] put on a glove." Apparently, you could have mailed in your name and address and get a copy of a book ("Brochurs"), which would lead you on a path of "be[ing] a master of men" "in the privacy of your own room." I wonder what Alexander or Napoleon would say to that; maybe they would have suggested putting thousand mirrors in your house.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lady Boxers Rule

Jahongir Usmanov an archivist working on the Kaplan collection had an interesting find.

The April 9, 1910 issue of Boxing, the oldest running newspaper on the subject of pugilism , had an interesting article. The title of the article was "A Lady Boxer" printed on page 111, and it talked about, you guessed it, female boxers. So, if you thought the the fair sex had only recently entered the square ring to show off their feathers, think again. Here's a proof that ladies have been punching each others mugs and guts since the early 1900s. Go Miss Britton!